Product Research

Systematic analysis to identify viable market trends, potential products, and consumer demand for informed business decisions.

Dropship enables real-time access to a Shopify store's product offerings and revenue data. Empowering you to identify winning products and minimize the risk of selling low-performing items.

Find your next profitable product by exploring our vast database with millions of products. Use our smart filters to refine your search and find products tailored to your interests and niche.

Shophunter is an easy-to-use sales tracker tool that lets you track the sales of any Shopify store. Use it to find winning products by discovering top sellers and by validating how much revenue a store makes. Since Shophunter can track sales accurately, investors and marketing agencies have used this tool to get sales date on clients before onboarding or acquisition to gauge the revenue of a store.


Minea is the most advanced product and ad search tool on the market. With ads tracking across all networks, you are sure not to miss any product or ad that might interest you.

Boost your e-commerce business with a powerful, reliable and complete tool adapted to the search for products on all social networks without geographical barriers.